Your Mind on Meditation

Cartoon by Richard Kinsey,

Dear Lorin: I have been attempting to get into a morning meditation practice but my mind is SO NOISY. I just sit there and percolate with thoughts. - Restless in the Rockies

Dear Restless, Percolating is perfect.

There needs to be a genre of music called, “What I think about when I meditate,” maybe Snow Patrol could start it off. The structure would be OM for one second, then, “what’s up with my boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband,” for a couple of seconds, then on to, “hmmm, soymilk or cream in my coffee?” a mental list of all the things you forgot to do yesterday, then daydreaming about a vacation that you totally need and deserve, then coming back with a start and wondering what time it is.

The basic principle is this: whenever you have a quiet time, your brain and body will start to sort though whatever is unfinished. Your attention will be called to the texture of your relationships, and your to-do list. This is healthy. If you want your mind to be quieter during meditation, then have a separate time when you just sit and make lists and prioritize and sort through your feelings and catch up with yourself.