We each have our own perceptual world:


A guy in Germany attached a tiny camera to his cat's collar. The cat's name is Mr. Lee. The camera is set to take photos at intervals, so we can see what Mr. Lee does all day. These are the pictures, taken at intervals through a day.
Link. I love the glimpse we get into the CAT WORLD.

The Trip Begins . . . (seeing through Mr. Lee's whiskers)

An unknown backyard.

One of his friends?

Watching the birdhouse.

Is there a cat meeting under the car?

Seems to be a pleasant place!

How it is done:

Mr. Lee with his camera

here for more of Mr. Lee's adventures.

Fritz, one of Mr. Lee’s spy-cat allies

What is Your World?

We each have our own version of the cat world. You have your world, the one you see, listen to, touch, and taste and smell as you move through your world. As an exercise, pause every hour or so as you move through your day and open up all your senses. Take a multi-sensory, feel-o-vision snapshot. Move on.