Syzygy means Union or marriage of opposites. The yg at the end of the word syzygy is the same root as yoga.
This is our attempt to honor the infusion of yoga thinking into the West by employing an English word.

Syzygy also means,
when the planets align.


Inflected forms: pl. syz·y·gies
1. Astronomy a. Either of two points in the orbit of a celestial body where the body is in opposition to or in conjunction with the sun. b. Either of two points in the orbit of the moon when the moon lies in a straight line with the sun and Earth. c. The configuration of the sun, the moon, and Earth lying in a straight line. 2. The combining of two feet into a single metrical unit in classical prosody.


Late Latin
syzygia, from Greek suzugi, union, from suzugos, paired : sun-, su-, syn- + zugon, yoke; see yeug- in Appendix I.

Indo-European Roots


To join.
Derivatives include yoke, jugular, adjust, junta, and

   I. Zero-grade form *yug-. 1. Suffixed form *yug-o-. a.
yoke, from Old English geoc, yoke, from Germanic *yukam; b. jugate, jugular, jugum; conjugate, subjugate, from Latin iugum, yoke; c. zygo- zygoma, zygote, –zygous; azygous, syzygy, from Greek zugon, yoke, and zugoun, to join; d. Yuga, from Sanskrit yugam, yoke. 2. Suffixed (superlative) form *yug-isto-. jostle, joust; adjust, juxtapose, juxtaposition, from Latin ixt, close by, perhaps from *iugist (vi), “on a nearby (road).” 3. Nasalized zero-grade form *yu-n-g-. join, joinder, joint, jointure, junction, juncture, junta; adjoin, conjoin, conjugal, conjunct, enjoin, injunction, rejoin, rejoinder, subjoin, from Latin iungere, to join.

   II. Suffixed form *yeug-m
. zeugma, from Greek zeugma, a bond.
   III. Suffixed o-grade form *youg-o-.
yoga, from Sanskrit yoga, union. (Pokorny 2. eu- 508.)



1. also Yoga A Hindu discipline aimed at training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquillity. 2. A system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

Hindi, from Sanskrit yoga
, union, joining. See yeug- in Appendix I.
gic (-gk) —ADJECTIVE

Yoga is called yoga because it is the study and technique of what develops union. What develops harmony among all the different parts, aspects, and dimensions of a human being.


The word infinity comes from the Latin infinitas or unboundedness. It refers to several distinct concepts (usually linked to the idea of without end or bigger than the biggest thing you can think of) which arise in philosophy, mathematics, and theology. In popular usage, infinity is usually thought of as something like the largest possible number or the furthest possible distance; hence questions such as what is the next number after infinity? or if you travel to infinity, what happens if you then go a bit further? The infinity symbol in several typefaces:


. . . the lemniscate, also called the lemniscate of Bernoulli, is a polar curve whose most common form is the locus of points the product of whose distances from two fixed points (called the foci) a distance away is the constant . This gives the Cartesian equationwhere both sides of the equation have been squared. Expanding and simplifying then gives
Jakob Bernoulli published an article in Acta Eruditorum in 1694 in which he called this curve the lemniscus (Latin for "a pendant ribbon")

The infinity symbol is also called the
Figure-8 or lazy-8

The infinity symbol is important because meditators – even total beginners – often make it spontaneously with their hands when they are in the midst of a revelation. I started noticing this around 1976, and it has been a source of delight since then.

Syzygy Alert

When syzygies are happening, be extra alert, because your energy system is reconfiguring itself.