One of the elemental elixirs we can partake of is gravity. We get there by letting go, surrendering to our fatigue, breathing out, going with the feeling, "I need a vacation." Being active all day or all week creates in us a fatigue, an exhaustion that can be delicious in itself if we allow it. A downward pull arises in our bodies and hearts. Giving in to this downward motion is a wild ride.

Many experiences arose in us tonight when playing with gravity. Here is one bit of language that arose from one of the meditator's experiences with gravity and lava – the flowing liquid flame of passion that is the earth.

Let's call her E.

Salute to the Flame

I adore the molten flame of life within me
The flame of life and passion and love within me

The passionate flame of love circulates freely within me.
Rejuvenating every cell of my body
Awakening my senses to delight

Inviting me to . . .Be

Inviting me to BE
Permission to be me
I rest in the embrace of my molten flame
Of my gently flowing passion

It is so strong
Gentle and strong
It has its own momentum
It does not tire
It is self-creating


"When we cognize it, and we rest in it, we are rejuvenated by it. then later, we are energized and become dynamic.
Meditation in this way is a deeper rest than deep sleep.

It is like plugging into what is already there.


Oooooh – ma – nah"

Here is a
link to Lorin and E interacting about her perception of the flame, and turning it into a mantra and focusing thought.