Listen to a Guided Meditation

Meditations of the day:

Fill Your Cup is an awareness practice to do while drinking your morning cup of tea, juice or coffee. The meditation is 5 1/2 minutes.

Feast Your Senses is a brief sensory awareness exercise, 2 minutes, 50 seconds, to do before eating, to awaken your tongue and all the senses you use in enjoying food. The more aware you are of your food, the more senses you bring to the process of eating, the more you will enjoy and at the same time, your instincts can guide you wisely.

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More meditations

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The heart of meditation practice is giving full attention to the motions of life. There is a whole set of skills you need to know to meditate, which can be summed up as learning how to be a good friend to yourself.

What we did was to embed these skills into the 14 meditations, so you can learn a bit at a time. The language on the meditations sounds like normal language, and you can just let it slide by. Inside the metaphors and the little exercises are the foundation skills for longer meditations.

Awakening - 6:36
A meditation to do as you are awakening in the morning.

Fill Your Cup - 5:38
An awareness practice to do while drinking your morning cup of tea or coffee.

Groom and Zoom - 3:42
Body awareness practice.

Good to Go - 2:23
A quick boundary awareness practice.

Move It - 7:09
A transitional moving meditation to help you leave one energy or mood and shift to another.

Feast Your Senses - 2:50
A sensory meditation to awaken and tune up your taste and smell for more relaxed and enjoyable eating.

Mini-Siesta - 3:50
A restful nap meditation.

Wait-Up - 4:05
An awareness practice to do anytime you find yourself in a line, or waiting.

Road Peace - 6:45
Awareness exercises to prepare you to be relaxed and alert while driving.

Coming Home - 7:15
A lying down meditation to help you make the transition from coming in the door, to really being at home in yourself and at home in the world.

Party On - 5:34
To get in touch with your internal moods before going out to socialize.

Heart-Warming - 5:40
A peaceful and soulful meditation to do whenever you want, if you have an ache in your heart or need to touch in with your love nature.

Fall into Sleep - 6:48
An awareness practice to help you fall into deep sleep.

Still of the Night - 6:44
A meditation to do if you wake up in the middle of the night.